The No Season 2021 Vol. 0 collection presents the Pistil spirit to the world.

Camicia Annamaria e Abito Vienna

Elegance, refinement, femininity, lightheartedness and freedom are the keywords to describe the sensations that every woman feels wearing Pistil clothes.

The inspiration comes from everyday life, from a shirt found in the grandmother's closet, from a trip to Vienna, to adolescent memories where identity is still hidden.

Camicia Annamaria e Gonna Joey

Abito Annamaria Ruggine Jacquard

Gonna Joey e Abito Vienna

Camicia Annamaria Ruggine Jacquard e Stampa Hawaii


Ilaria Taschini

Fashion photographer who visually transformed the Pistil philosophy giving life to the soul of the first No Season 2021 Vol.0 collection, thanks to her ability to play with natural light and her principles of inclusiveness, sustainability and celebration of the female figure.

Maddalena Lovat

Model with Botticellian colors but with an image and a modern and fresh spirit, her delicacy and elegance enhance the Pistil aura representing a concrete woman in constant search for herself through the relationship with her body and the nature that surrounds her.

Martina Corrubolo

Hair & Make-Up Artist with an eclectic soul and a unique and unmistakable style, shapes the image of each figure thanks to his mastery in the combination of never banal colors and styles, surprising the viewer with a vintage spirit and an overwhelming passion of his work.