The No Season 2022 Vol.1 collection continues the story of Pistil's journey towards beauty in symbiosis with nature.

Lightness, happiness, joy of life are the sensations we feel wearing Pistil clothes.

The inspiration comes from the desire to escape and dive into sunny days with feet in the sand or caressing the grass of a flowery meadow.


Michela Nale

Fashion photographer who, after several years abroad, treasuring many experiences, decides to come back to her native land. Thanks to her Pistil becomes even more autochthonous and rooted in our beautiful region, Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Sveva Gaiarin

Young model from Friuli, with a passion for photography and outdoor life, she perfectly succeeded in paying homage to the sensations of freedom and carefreeness of the new Pistil collection.

Martina Corrubolo

Hair & Make-Up Artist with an eclectic soul and a unique and unmistakable style, she moulds the image of every figure thanks to her mastery in matching colors and styles, never banal, surprising the spectator through a vintage spirit and an overwhelming passion for her work.