“The pistil is the female part of the flower thanks to which the fruit is generated.”

The name of the brand derives from the union between the primordial charm of nature and feminine sensuality which results in timeless dresses adaptable to the body of every woman.
Pistil was born from the need to share an alternative fashion concept that follows the succession of seasons, capable of adapting to the circumstances of a world in continuous transformation and that accompany the woman in her inner growth reflecting her attitudes and becoming personal style.
Pistil does not want to dictate a precise style but wants to become part of the personal and daily choices of every customer who marries the values ​​and visions of the eclectic and wonderful world of fashion understood as sophisticated and simple art at the same time.
Pistil is a 0 km brand that reflects the principles of sustainability and responsibility towards nature and the human being.

Pistil gives new life to existing material transforming it into a dress to wear and love, this happens thanks to the design of each garment in respect of the environment that surrounds us using fabrics whose fibers are for the most part natural and come from inventories recovered from neighboring suppliers, guaranteeing a 0 km supply chain.
Even the artisans are based in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, in North-East Italy, the same place where the collections are designed and the photo shoots are taken.
Pistil clothing are produced in limited quantities with deadstock materials following a slow fashion philosophy making every dress exclusive and born from a precise desire: we believe in slowness and in the value of waiting. When the clothes produced are out of stock, Pistil creates the possibility of purchasing the desired garment with the "pre-order" option where the material is still available. Savor the joy of waiting for the garment that will be produced in a couple of weeks just for you.
If it is not possible to pre-order the chosen item due to lack of fabric stock we trust in your understanding and in sharing our philosophy: we truly believe in a conscious production without waste.
Cecilia Cappelli

Graphic designer who gave life to the Pistil brand and all the image that surrounds it, thanks to her particular personal taste with a hint of vintage Cecilia was the compass that allowed Pistil to find its place in the world.
Nama Studio

Boutique agency that supports women's, inclusive and eco-sustainable activities composed of Lavinia and Silvia, thanks to their passion and multiple skills, the virtual shop that allows Pistil to reach customers throughout Europe and beyond was created.
Maeba International

Supplier of deadstock fabrics, more than 50% of the collections are produced with fabrics from the ReLiveTex® line which "certifies that they have been removed from devaluation processes and promoted to new uses as required by the objectives expressed by the Union's Circular Economy Package European Union (directive 2018/851). " Choosing fabrics marked with the ReLiveTex® logo allows the Pistil collections to be characterized in terms of sustainability.
Stile Moda

Small artisan company of Italian tailors based in Majano under the Friulian pre-Alps, that skilfully realizes the Pistil production and allows the exclusive pre-order mode.
Casa dello Scampolo

Supplier of high quality deadstock fabrics from production leftovers of the biggest Italian brands that allows us to create 100% silk dresses with fantastic prints and beautiful colors for excellent quality at an affordable price.
Controversa - Fustellificio Vicentino

Supplier of La Mia Scatola Controversa is the first reversible box by nature, produced in FSC cardboard which guarantees its origin from forests managed in a sustainable and responsible way, it is the example of a circular economy. The packaging in which the Pistil garments are shipped can be reused as a container by turning the carton and reassembling the box to obtain a casket in which to place other goods in an orderly manner.

Supplier of GOTS organic cotton labels with Oekotexe standard 100 certification, recycled cotton present in all Pistil garments and bamboo paper tags. Bamboo has six times more cellulose than the conifers from which classic paper is obtained, this allows us to have greater production from each tree and therefore to cut down much less while preserving the forests. Furthermore, the choice of bamboo is more sustainable because it grows faster than conifers, its growth cycle goes from 2 to 3 years against 5/8 of paper trees and has a lower carbon emission than wood.